Establishing A WALL OF HONOR

Establishing a WALL OF HONOR!

I saw this in a dream/vision in the night a few nights ago. I knew it was a Word from the Lord, so I designed a prototype yesterday, of a WALL OF HONOR that I plan to use at the FAMILY FUN DAYS™ Events around the country. Perhaps it’ll be around 8 feet long by 4 feet high. It’s a wall to release all the pain, and go on living again.

In this, the Lord told me that everyone is fighting to live and is battling not only the physical world but the supernatural as well. We honor our soldiers, law enforcement, fire fighters and first responders and rightly so. In addition to this, we also need to honor those who have fallen too soon on the battlefield of life. Our soldiers, law enforcement, fire fighters and first responders also fall into this category as well.

We are all in this war together, whether we are fighting for our God-Given Freedoms or just life in general, yet we seem to see and judge them differently. Scripture tells us to pray for each other and show others His love, yet too often we criticize and judge, bringing more harm. Everyone is going through something difficult right now. Not everyone is in the same state of mind.

Out of over 50 people I’ve had in my Lyft rides who were pursuing or contemplating suicide, not a single one wanted to give up on life and die. No, they were looking for a reason to go on, to live another day, but in that moment they saw no hope, only the fury of the storm. Blinded by the rain and wind, they literally couldn’t see the next step in front of them! They were looking for some ray of hope or someone to take them by the hand and lead them out! It’s the same way with drug and alcohol addiction. They need someone, some crutch to help them through the storms of life. I’m so grateful these were in my vehicle and the Lord gave me words to speak and pray. If I didn’t, I knew that some family might have to plan a funeral and I didn’t want to be the last person who could’ve helped and didn’t.

After my motorcycle wreck in 1982, I needed a pair of crutches to get around until my knee healed. Then, I was able to walk without them. Once healing is complete, the addictions/crutches can go away. There is no more need for them. Some people go to bars to help walk through the pain. They go to see if someone cares, maybe even the bartender will talk to them. Get them through another night until something changes. I’ve heard stories from my bar tender riders. Broken hearts, broken dreams, abuse, human trafficking, war, trauma, lost job, broken family, death, suicide, etc. Why don’t Christians hang out at bars like Jesus did? They called Him a drunkard because of the company He was with. Bars do help folks stay alive until the Lord can get to them. As long as we still have breath, there is hope!

We all struggle with something, but some already have others to help them through. Sometimes the pain is so deep and misunderstood, the person feels that there is no hope and no one that can help or understand. They close themselves off, not wanting anymore pain, like from a judgmental word. A spirit of suicide comes along with its venomous poison/hooks/thoughts, a bit of demonic power, and they succumb. It’s over. I’ve delivered folks from demons. They are powerful, but Jesus is greater.

Our society sees suicide as weakness and shame, so even the victims that are left behind are dealing with guilt and shame and not going through a necessary and beneficial process of grieving. Grieving is necessary in order to remain healthy. Sometimes, one suicide causes many others. Others often judge those left behind for not being there or doing things right, raising their family correctly. Suicide knows no borders, wealth, culture, etc. It devastates all it touches.

My friends, there are over 200 pharma drugs with side effects of depression and suicide, including anti-depressants. Look at the warning labels before taking drugs. Some chemicals added to our foods do the same thing. Why do we allow this? We The People!

We are in a battle for life and freedom. Everyone is on the battlefield everyday. Some are overwhelmed and weakened. Can we reach out and just ask them, “Hey, are you okay?” And, then be there to help or at least call them later, meet with them later, or send them to someone who can help. It makes a difference and can save a life. As we sow to help others, I believe the Lord sends help to our loved ones, no matter where they are to help as well.

We are going to have this WALL OF HONOR at all of our events for anyone in the community to add a name(s) of loved ones GONE TOO SOON. We will pray for them if they want. There is a time for beneficial GRIEVING in order to heal, not short circuited! A time to GET UP again! A Time to LIVE again!

Will you join me in this project? We can change our world if we stand up and help!



What is being transparent? Clear | Thin | Translucent | Cellophane | Crystal-clear

What’s the opposite of transparent? Blocked | Cloudy | Dark | Opaque | Questionable | Unclear | Unintelligible | Vague

When we set up a lamp, we usually place it up high so it can light up the maximum amount of space. Sometimes, we place a lampshade on it so that we can tone down the amount of light directed at our eyes.

So, if we have the Light in us, how do we maximize it’s effect on those around us without overpowering? How can we help others see the goodness of the Lord in our lives? Is it just preaching or yelling the Word to them and telling them what and what not to do? Is it telling them if they don’t do certain things that they are going to hell? I believe, Absolutely Not. Not that there’s not a time for sharing this and in some instances it might be needed to save someone from impending disaster, but definitely not blanketed. We need to know our audience, and the Holy Spirit is the One who does.

1 John 2:27 “But as for you, the anointing (the sacred appointment, the unction) which you received from Him abides permanently] in you; [so] then you have no need that anyone should instruct you. But just as His anointing teaches you concerning everything and is true and is no falsehood, so you must abide in (live in, never depart from) Him [being rooted in Him, knit to Him], just as [His anointing] has taught you [to do].AMP (So if you sense fear or control coming through someone and you don’t have peace about it, walk away, don’t listen to them. Pray and ask the Lord to show you the truth. He will. Even the devil used a few words of truth and then twisted and tried to lie to Jesus. Search for the truth yourself and you will find it.) When I found this verse, it set me so free and took away a lot of fear.

Some just blurt out you must repent, then add something along the lines of hell, fire, and damnation. It’s not that what they are saying is wrong. My case in point, is this. It’s His goodness that leads us to repentance. Does saying all of that stuff show them anything about His goodness, or rather judgment? Rather than love, it instills FEAR! You have to FEAR GOD is what it is saying. Jesus said that God is our Father, loving and compassionate…

He also shares that His Perfect Love drives out ALL FEAR! I’m a bit confused here! So is everyone else, but it’s what folks are taught, so that’s what they do, and they drive away the very ones He wants to touch with His love.

Now, we have folks out there at the mention of the word, “Christian” they go ballistic, saying things about us they don’t even know personally. It’s what they heard. This happened in New York City to a friend of mine until they talked more to them. You see, these Christians allowed these folks to taste of His Goodness and love. Everything changed! Like in my previous post, sometimes we need to Just Keep Talking!

Wow! I really wasn’t going to go there. So, what does this have to do with BEING TRANSPARENT? Everything! Those who pronounce God’s judgement on everyone else do those same things and that’s why so many are called hypocrites and rightfully so, but not everyone.

TRANSPARENT is being Crystal Clear so His LOVE can be seen through us. It’s touchable, taste-able, smell-able, feel-able, in short it’s real and can be experienced! If folks could experience His Love through us, they’d come running to Him and many do. Part of that comes from us being TRANSPARENT in at least a few areas.

I was having a conversation with a author friend of mine who has just written a book about her life. She said there were things that she thought she’d never share publicly. I shared that there is so much freedom that comes to us when we are transparent. When we write our story from our perspective, people see why we did what we did, what we learned, and where we went from there. Everyone makes mistakes! Everyone has a past they don’t like! Everyone also gets judged by those things they did or didn’t do, so we, above all, understand. So, let’s extend some grace and mercy if we’re able. Sometimes it takes a while to forgive, but it’s not an emotion. It’s a choice. Once we make the choice, the Lord can work out the healing and emotional part.

BEING TRANSPARENT! One thing I found out about writing my wife’s biography and sharing my own story in it and on my podcast series, WHAT’S YOUR STORY?, is that the more I shared the more free I became. The more closets I opened inside of me and let the Light shine through, the more the fears inside scrammed, fled, vamoosed, vacated! The more of His Love that filled those places! He redeemed them, healed me, and removed the pain. I started becoming a whole person for the first time in my life. What is this called in a nutshell? Repentance! Which road to repentance would you rather have? Through Fear of Hell and Damnation, or meeting the One Who is Real Love, letting Him make you whole in His timing, and with Him walking with you every step of the way knowing you’ll never be alone again? I know which one I’d rather have and that’s how I help others. Listening to the Holy Spirit and then following His lead.

So, are we Opaque or are we Transparent? I’m guessing that most of us are somewhere in between. I wrote a song called, SOMEBODY’S HERO, and it goes into this. Who is out there watching our lives? Our winning and being transparent in the failures too, will help them win, too. Some of those closets inside need a tremendous amount of Love before we will even dare to go near some of those doors. Trust me, I’ve had a bunch! We don’t want to get hurt again! We don’t want to trust again! Sometimes, we just don’t want to try again! Did you know that it’s okay to not be okay? Chill! Relax, and take some time for you to breathe. It’s okay! It’s easier to run again after you get some rest and refreshed.

I was down in Town Green Park, here in The Woodlands, Texas, yesterday playing some of my songs and the birds were in the trees behind me trying to out sing me. They did and it encouraged me so much. Two young teenage ladies came over to talk to me. One played the guitar and the other the piano. I was privileged to encourage them a bit. I told them how the birds sing about His goodness. The wind that blows through our hair is His hand gently touching on us and gliding through our hair. The mountains and seas boast of His Majesty. The sunrise and sunsets are just ways to show He’s always with us including the stars and the moon. Everyday, I’m greeted with Him talking to me. I feel His Presence and Peace. It’s all tangible, and then the physical realm makes it even more real.

Taste and see the goodness of the Lord, then let His true love change us through and through until we are that bright shining light that can help others navigate through a dark and broken world. Imagine yourself on a high cliff with the wind blowing towards you. It’s the feeling of flying. I filmed one of my songs on the edge of a cliff in Garden of the God, Colorado Springs. The name of the song is I’M GONNA FLY. Check it out! Fly! There is Hope! There Is Love! We have a Destiny & Purpose! Dare to be Transparent so that others can see that you’ve made it through some tough times, too! Above all, DARE TO DREAM the dream He wrote about in a book He wrote for you in Heaven. Psalm 139. It’s all yours for the taking! Simply ask Him each day to show you what He’s written on your page for that day! No worries! He’s got this!

Blessings and favor in your journey,

Joseph James



How do we get people to talk about it? We talk about it! It’s that simple!

I started out driving for Uber in Colorado Springs in January 2019. It was the only thing I could think to do in the moment for us to survive in a new place. We had lost our truck in South Carolina and our tour trailer shortly after we got here and our storage was in Atlanta, GA.

I dreaded the moment of renting that car from Uber in Denver, driving back to Colorado Springs, and then turning on that app for the first time. Who was I going to get in the car? You know all the other things you hear. So, I started watching the weather forecast, and in the Springs the weather changes all the time, so it’s a very interesting topic. That did it! It got me going. I could talk about the weather. After 3 weeks, I walked away from Uber and have given over 9,000 rides now with Lyft.

Ok, sure, but how do you talk about Suicide Prevention? That’s different! We just start talking! Really, it’s that simple. You’ll know quickly if you need to change the subject, but you dared to go there just in case. They know how much you care in that at least you tried. Most folks don’t!

Being a graphic designer by degree, I created an 8.5 x 11 sign to go on the back of both fronts seats. It simply told folks that I am a recording artist and author, but my focus is on suicide prevention and helping people. Many conversations started with them asking questions after reading it. I didn’t have to go first, yes! As of today, I had over 40 riders tell me they were either thinking about or pursuing suicide, a few were planning after I dropped them off.

What would you do if someone told you they were going to do it? Remember, there is an estimated 25 people who try for each one that succeeds. There are at least 160 individuals impacted by each suicide. Those numbers are staggering and then it gets worse when you add in drug overdoses, some car wrecks, and other things that were as well. I believe that some people die by suicide at age 25. They simply give up on life and live out their remaining days, doing and saying things that eventually take them to the grave, never winning their race in life. This is sad too, but there are more chances to get to them while they still breathe.

We’ve got to get over competing with and being better than the neighbors next door. Those neighbors next door might be on the edge right now. Perhaps a knock on the door to say, “Hi!” could be what they really need. What about family, friends, co-workers, peers, etc.? We don’t even need to mention suicide prevention to them. Sometimes all they need in that moment is to be noticed and feel like someone cares, giving them a reason to live another day. Bartenders are some of my heroes. Some folks go to bars to try and find a reason to stay another day. I’ve thanked many bartenders for going the extra mile. Some have told me their stories. Wow!

If you don’t know what to say, simply ask someone their story. They might share or not. It’s still a start. If they ask for yours, start talking. Something in yours might click with them. Sometimes, you never know, but there was a reason to meet and ultimately, the Lord sees and knows. Have you ever heard that song, THANK YOU, by Ray Boltz? Listen to it and you’ll understand. I get tears in my eyes every time I remember it. Do it! I dare you to listen! It’ll change your life!

You really have to be careful though. Once you start down this path of encouragement, it could become addictive. I’m really being serious. Why would you think that so? Well, I believe, that when we encourage others, it does something inside of us that our soul craves. It lifts our spirit. I like to say that I’m an Encouragment Junkie! I need to be encouraged the most, so I do it more! This is something we can do a competition in! There’s nothing like having a conversation with someone who is considering leaving the planet by their own hand one moment, and then the next they are laughing along with you focusing on their Life Dream. Most times, it only takes a minute or two.

Blessings and favor in your journey,

Joseph James

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