This is long post, a miracle in itself that I can write it right now, but it is perhaps one of the most important pieces I’ve ever written. Everything is now ready! Here we go!

THIS NEW WEEK is supposed to be the VICTORY WEEK I’ve been working on now for almost 2 years. Some of you have been a part from the very beginning and have been so patient with me. Everything is set up and all I have to do is make one phone call to engage it. I even have the number to call now to talk to the gatekeeper. All of this through many Divine appointments and connections!

I’M NOT SURE I’M READY though and I don’t know what all to write here in asking others for help, so please bear with me, because I need a lot of prayer. My memory and mind are continuing to get sharper since the seizure last week. My eyesight got healed through this recent seizure from the concussion I had back in 2019 from a car wreck, and I’m getting more healed each day. I still need some help to see it through, no pun intended here.

IT’S FAR BIGGER THAN ME! It’s about all of us and our beloved country. I’m not famous, nor rich, but I’m trying to be obedient here with what I’ve been asked, shown, and given to do. I believe that the Lord just chose to give me a tiny piece of the plan to share with you. I’m nobody special. A new friend of mine I was privileged to meet last year, Trey Diller, is working on a huge event for Mother’s Day weekend, AS BIG AS TEXAS in Conroe. 10% of the proceeds go to help with the county here for suicide prevention. I urge you to help promote that and be a part of it as well. Lots of country music stars involved. He told me he could help me some after he gets through with his project in May. Incredible! Others have their own parts, too. It’s His plan! Some of you have a wonderful part in this, too. You’ll know it as you read through it and the website. It’s all about choices! Some have spent their whole lives praying for this and for our generation to do what we are called to do. So grateful for all who have come before us to help us in our generation and help pave the way. Some are praying for America from other countries in their poverty and slavery for us to succeed so they can be freed. I’ve met some of them, personally. I’ve given rides to folks from all over the world and heard their stories. God put us all here in this time and in this place for such a time as this. I have a song by that name, SUCH A TIME AS THIS! It’s on my SOMEBODY’S HERO Album.

I WAS RUNNING WELL, putting it all together, seeing the visions, recording them, listening to and getting wisdom from others, and then the seizure hit me out of nowhere. All of a sudden I was waking up and my memory was gone. I woke up in the Yukon at Hughes Landing and was talking to an officer and all these paramedics were all around me. I didn’t know where I was. What happened? I blacked out again. I awakened again in the hospital. I lost a whole week of time in this! All of these wonderful and kind people were helping me, some kept sticking me with needles and IV’s. They did all of these tests and found an aneurysm near my left ear, but that was a good thing because it was there from a time before and unseen. They gave me this anti-seizure drug to take, but it has side effects. I know the Lord is healing me, but I don’t feel right about not taking it for the time being and many of you know how much I despise drugs. I’m checking into CBD without the THC as an alternative, but this is Texas. In Colorado, it’s regulated, safe, easy to get, and legal with no side effects. (This is for another day discussion.) Mainly, I’m leaning on the Lord’s awesome power that is in me, that same power, the Holy Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead, to get me through this and the Mind of Christ to keep my mind sharp, to counter any side effects, and help me focus. I need Him so desperately right now! It’s His thing anyway, so it’s on Him. I’m simply a willing vessel.

I’ve talked to over 3000 people here in Montgomery County now, through my Lyft rides about this FAMILY FUN DAYS Event, that I was asked to put together by a prominent individual here. I asked him where we should do it and he said the Mitchell Pavilion. I call him the INSTIGATOR and he calls me the TROUBLEMAKER! Every single person I’ve talked to since, has told me we need this and thanked me for working on it. They tell me their personal stories and losses. So, I can’t stop! I have to finish it! The suicide rate is too high as well as the human trafficking. Everybody knows it, but no one wants to be the one to talk about it. (This is what the locals tell me about The Woodlands and they live in it.)

BUT I’M NOT AFRAID, I’ve weighed the costs, and I will talk about it and I am! I’m so exhausted from trying to help/counsel/minister to so many folks over so many years, through losing someone to suicide, who have been devastated by it! I hurt every time I hear about a loss! It breaks my heart! Another precious soul lost! If we stop it, that doesn’t happen! We all win! So yes, I’m passionate! By the way, I’ve been there on the edge during my second divorce, and Janiece has been there, too, so we’re very familiar with it, inside and out. It’s why I write so many songs, trying to encourage and challenge folks to make it through the storms and find hope. Some, are my own stories that I wrote, so I could stay focused and not give up, too. I’d sing them over and over again until I got the words into my soul and spirit, overpowering the depression and bad thoughts. I knew the Lord would one day get us on the other side, if we could just stay focused and not give up. I’M GONNA FLY is one of them. I filmed it on the edge of a cliff in Garden Of The Gods, in Colorado Springs as I was facing Pikes Peak. His majestic mountains! Hope! I love the beauty and majesty of that place.

I’ve been able to talk a few folks out of suicide in the Lyft rides I’ve given and one was a high school senior here recently in MoCo. I know this, because I was privileged to give her another ride a few months later and she told me how our short 5 minute talk changed her life. Such a precious young lady! I didn’t even recognize her, because of how much she had changed. Amazing! She was now so positive and bubbling over with new life and hope! (Over 50 riders of mine were suicidal out of over 10,000 rides in 5 cities in 5 years.) I’ve been on Ft. Carson, the Air Force Academy, in Denver, Pueblo, Colorado Springs, San Antonio, all over Houston and now Montgomery County. I’ve seen it with my own eyes and talked face to face. One was a young man in SW Houston who was just holding on to see his mother for Christmas at the hotel and then just end it all afterewards! I told him that he couldn’t do that to her. Make her so happy that day and make her plan his funeral the next! No! Not on my watch! (He and I both had an angel dream that morning so I knew the Lord was in this ride!)

In this local area, I have been so privileged to network with many businesses, non-profits and the Montgomery County BHSP Task Force that want it, too, so I’ve done my homework to make sure it wasn’t just a me thing. Some projects seem good to do, but not necessarily ordained by Him. Some people were born to help change our world and make it better. What if the enemy takes them out before they can? We are all destined and created for greatness, but it is all dependent on the choices we make. IF. I’m going to be a part of this, I want it to be done right and be able to help as many as we can. Some don’t want help and there’s nothing we can do but pray. I get it! Ultimately, it’s their choice. But so many do want help and just don’t know how to get it!

I PERFORMED 54 MUSIC SHOWS at the Homewood Suites, here in Shenandoah in 2022 after we first got here, and ONE was for The Woodlands Chamber of Commerce, the ONE SHOW that started this whole project and journey. Check out my itinerary! We came here to do an oil and gas contract that fell through and got stuck here! I’ve written more new songs since and uploaded them, one is going viral, I WANT TO LOVE YOU. Sharing the hope back in romance! Healing marriages! I wrote it as a love song to Janiece and people just happen to like it too! 18+ countries so far! I’m so touched! I’ve put my books out there as well as 24 podcasts that have gotten thousands of views. I’ve been as diligent as I know how. If only I was good at marketing. We’ve taken the hits from the enemy and most of you have seen some of them, but this last one has knocked the breath out of me.

This exoskelaton they gave me to wear is helping me with the three fractured vertebrae so that there is no paralysis, but it’s a nuisance. It gets in my way, especially with the guitar and to top it off, they’ll only let me lift 10 pounds. Yes, I can play the guitar! I am grateful though, just annoyed by the loss of time and inconvenience! This too shall pass…lol. I’ll be out at Town Green Park with my guitar again this week, somehow. I’m not stopping as long as I have breath. I’m feeling too claustrophobic in this tiny hotel room though. I need my studio back.

The state of our country is at stake and it is going to take every single one of us to help us right the ship. We are more than we have become, because of our God who is in us to help us! Ask Him for all you need! I do every single moment of every day. I am so needy for His help. I’ve been so broken, but He’s brought so much healing. I used to be scared of my own shadow growing up, so insecure, and afraid to talk. Ask my high school peers. It’s called shy! Lyft and life changed all of that! I’ve performed in front of 2000 people and 100 agents in Orlando in 2016, including Nate Butler with America’s Got Talent. I messed up royally, but it changed me. It took care of my stage fright! It’s gone! It’s ok to not be perfect and I can laugh at my mistakes and I do when I perform. It helps others relax, too. At the BHSP Task Force, the saying is that “IT’S OK TO NOT BE OK!” We are working on OK! I could care less about what the Jones’s have or don’t. My life isn’t about things although having our own place to live would be nice, rather, it’s about friends and family, at least those I have left anyway, who get me. I’m sorry to all I’ve offended or let down. Life is hard to figure out!

We’ve paid for most of the expenses of this project on our own, with the exception of some of the donations we’ve gotten. As of a couple of days ago, I have a sponsor in Colorado Springs who is putting together $50k to help us go forward. I’ve talked to Woodforest Bank and a law firm here in the Woodlands, too. The law firm helped me put the non-profit together last August before our first little show and I’m so grateful. We have a few adverstisers on the non-profit website,, and a growing list of some of the non-profits we want to help feature. I have one of the board members of The Woodlands Township all in and an approval to use Town Green Park. They will match the date we get from the Pavilion. I’ve talked to Visit The Woodlands and they want to see it as well as help if they can. I have so many others who’ve promised to help as well. Wow! What will it look like when we get it done? I hope it will be an incredible portrait of a community that really cares about each other and a picture of who America really is, of what our founding fathers envisioned as they laid the foundations of our Constitution. Can we honor them in that? Our soldiers fight on foreign ground to keep our freedom, but we all are required by the Constitution to uphold it. Our politicians are sworn into office to uphold it too, and we are required to hold them accountable.

George & Cynthia Mitchell did an amazing job putting The Woodlands together, a masterpiece, and it’s no wonder it’s been the #1 & #3 place to live in the last 2 years, celebrating 50 years. 50 is an interesting number! (There’s a lot more to this as well. Where’s my mic and who has the time to listen.) So incredible, the rich heritage!

The Lord has connected me with all of these folks and many more in less than 2 years to create this event. I’m simply amazed! We were just traveling around the country for years as the Lord led, 37 states, Alaska, Canada, sharing Janiece’s miracle story, my books and music and working on her movie, trying to encourage people and bring healing. I was able to do a smaller scaled event in Conroe last August and the plan worked. Some of my networking friends believed in me and the event was a success. Someone tried in the last week to sabotage it, but we prevailed. So thankful! The video is on the website. He’s given me the plan that will bless everyone who becomes a part of it. It’s fully scalable to any community or city! I even have the non-profit and the website built, perhaps not as well and as professional as I want it, but I’m working on that daily when I’m able.

What I don’t have, that was originally asked of me, and what is CONTINGENT to go forward, is a confirmed date from the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion for the event to include the Town Green Park. I’m totally amazed I’ve even gotten this far, but it wasn’t by my hand or ability. The DATE is the KEY to it all! George and Cynthia’s vision of the Pavilion and all it entails is so incredible. Read their story! The Pavilion has helped so much in the arts and we want to help in it too, using local and national talent, if we can, to help the whole community and then take it around the country. Entertainment is so powerful, especially if used in the right way, to help folks dream, come together, love, and flourish.

ALL I HAVE TO DO NOW is make the phone call to the number I just received, to talk to the person I’ve been needing to reach, and get a meeting set up to present the project. Anyone want to go with me? Alone is not fun! (I’ll share the most amazing part about this journey to get to this point and timing at a later date. Sometimes delays are necessary, because the Lord needs to move some of the furniture around first, if you catch my meaning!)

It’s taken a lot of prayer, planning, money, talking, and connecting to get to this place, STILL, ARE WE REALLY READY to go out, have some fun together, help one another, make some new friends and start to change our communities and our country? Is now really the time? Are you ready, too? Have we had enough of the naysayers and all the Dividers-N-Chiefs? I have!

THE MOST AMAZING THING ABOUT THESE EVENTS is this. They can all happen simultaneous around the country. Each community can do their own, create their own themes, make it what you want. Have the attendance be FREE so all can come and join in! The complete plan is all on the website. It’s your community! It’s our country! True freedom and love!

I really, really, can use some help with this upcoming meeting. The doctors won’t let me drive myself for a while. I see the neurologist for the first time Wednesday and I’m praying the aneurysm is gone by then. It’s going away one way or another, but I’d rather have His healing touch do it.

I’ve had some who were going to help me put this first event together, but storms have come along and they’ve had to focus on other things, too. It was necessary and perhaps they’ll be back on board later. There is no time to postpone this any longer as we need all the time we have left to get it put together by September or early October. The kids will be back in school, vacations over, folks settling in and a national vote on the horizon. September is National Suicide Prevention Month! HOPE! It’s going to be what we make it! I’ve been asked to perform at the Walk Out Of Darkness Event in November for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. What an honor! I’d like to get my own band together if I can find some folks to join me, perhaps some dancers too.

So, I am determined to cross this finish line this week no matter the outcome. I’m going to give it my best, with His help! I’m praying for the right time to call and make the appointment and then I’m going. I’ve never done anything this big in my life and it won’t work if the community is not in with it. I know the Lord wants this and He wants to bring healing and hope to our country in the midst of all the chaos and the devil’s tantrums.

Here’s a word of encouragement! Why is the devil all up in the air about everything, if he didn’t already know that he’s about to lose everything? If it was all going according to his plan… but folks are waking up and seeing through his smoke, mirrors, and lies! He’s desperate! We have to rethink a few things here! God’s got this and always has. When the ANTS in A BUG’S LIFE finally figured out that there were more of them, then they overcame the GRASSHOPPERS and got their FREEDOM again. When we realize that there are more of us, plus at least 2 angels to every demon, we will realize what we have. All who have gone before us are watching from heaven as well.

We have to break the stigma of suicide and start talking to each other again. We need to help each other with our God-given dreams. DREAMS CANCEL SUICIDE AND DEPRESSION! Now, we also have to realize that certain chemicals and drugs cause depression and suicidal tendencies. IN FACT OVER 200 PHARMA DRUGS DO! To me that is unacceptable. We can do better than that. They claim we have the best medical in the world, but it’s not in the proof/data! Hmmmm!

We all have weaknesses and strengths. We have to start being the Americans our Ancestors gave their lives for so that we could create a better world for all. Freedom & Hope to change the World! I think we have some grasshoppers to deal with!

This is me. I am this imperfect human being who has screwed up so much in my life, but I’m course correcting along the way each day by His Grace and Mercy and Love. If He’d have wanted us to be perfect, He’d have made us robots. This is who I am now. My past is in the past and covered in His blood & forgiveness. If you want to remember it and use it against me, that’s on you. I won’t hold yours against you. We all have the ability to change! A person I meet today may be different tomorrow because of a choice they made today. I try to extend the benefit of doubt to everyone. I make different choices each day based on new information I receive. I want to be better. I wish I would’ve done better in the past, but it is what it is, for better or worse. I own it. I’ve asked forgiveness for all I know and have forgiven all I know who’ve wronged me. I don’t want to carry all of that garbage. Here’s some mercy, grace, and love to you, too. We’re gonna makes mistakes and hurt each other. That’s a fact of life, but we can make it through and get stronger. I awakened in the hospital room Friday a week ago, in His awesome Presence and Peace, knowing I did all I could so far. I just want to help as much as I can and share this incredible Love I’ve been given. Come on, who needs some help and encouragement?

We all have a special and wonderful dream that was planned for us since creation, Psalm 139. It doesn’t matter where we are on that path right now, He is more than able to see us through. Hope is our Anchor! Faith helps us rise up and start walking towards it! My gosh, I’ve personally met so many wonderful people in our country and from around the world doing Lyft, over 15,000. We all want the same thing. Freedom and to Live Our Dream! This we have in common and we can build on together! We do have an enemy, and together we can shut him out. What do we do when there is a castastrophe? We all come together to help. Why not now?

These FFD Events are only a vehicle, a loosely held plan. We The People are the catalysts that will make them work. I’ve made a choice to still believe and trust Him to work through each of us. I believe that the best is yet to come. There is more than enough for everyone if we’ll stop those who are limiting and causing the shortages, those evil grasshoppers. They used COVID to bankrupt so many, but we can and will rebuild. In fact, we’re already doing it. We just need to all join in and take a breath.

No matter what happens going forward, I really hope this helps. Janiece and I have seen so many miracles in our lives. Read our story! What He’s done for us, He can do for everyone. Lift up your heads and believe again. It’s not over until our last breath and sometimes He revives us even then! There is room at His Banquet table for everyone, every day and more than enough! His invitation still remains! Will you be joining?

I am available to perform, to speak and to minister wherever He leads. I feel so privileged to still be alive, but I’m not afraid of death. It’s only an entrance to eternal life and I’ve been privilged to see and experience it many times. I’ve even written about some of those times in my books. Blessings to you all. Thank you for your precious time.

Establishing A WALL OF HONOR

Establishing a WALL OF HONOR!

I saw this in a dream/vision in the night a few nights ago. I knew it was a Word from the Lord, so I designed a prototype yesterday, of a WALL OF HONOR that I plan to use at the FAMILY FUN DAYS™ Events around the country. Perhaps it’ll be around 8 feet long by 4 feet high. It’s a wall to release all the pain, and go on living again.

In this, the Lord told me that everyone is fighting to live and is battling not only the physical world but the supernatural as well. We honor our soldiers, law enforcement, fire fighters and first responders and rightly so. In addition to this, we also need to honor those who have fallen too soon on the battlefield of life. Our soldiers, law enforcement, fire fighters and first responders also fall into this category as well.

We are all in this war together, whether we are fighting for our God-Given Freedoms or just life in general, yet we seem to see and judge them differently. Scripture tells us to pray for each other and show others His love, yet too often we criticize and judge, bringing more harm. Everyone is going through something difficult right now. Not everyone is in the same state of mind.

Out of over 50 people I’ve had in my Lyft rides who were pursuing or contemplating suicide, not a single one wanted to give up on life and die. No, they were looking for a reason to go on, to live another day, but in that moment they saw no hope, only the fury of the storm. Blinded by the rain and wind, they literally couldn’t see the next step in front of them! They were looking for some ray of hope or someone to take them by the hand and lead them out! It’s the same way with drug and alcohol addiction. They need someone, some crutch to help them through the storms of life. I’m so grateful these were in my vehicle and the Lord gave me words to speak and pray. If I didn’t, I knew that some family might have to plan a funeral and I didn’t want to be the last person who could’ve helped and didn’t.

After my motorcycle wreck in 1982, I needed a pair of crutches to get around until my knee healed. Then, I was able to walk without them. Once healing is complete, the addictions/crutches can go away. There is no more need for them. Some people go to bars to help walk through the pain. They go to see if someone cares, maybe even the bartender will talk to them. Get them through another night until something changes. I’ve heard stories from my bar tender riders. Broken hearts, broken dreams, abuse, human trafficking, war, trauma, lost job, broken family, death, suicide, etc. Why don’t Christians hang out at bars like Jesus did? They called Him a drunkard because of the company He was with. Bars do help folks stay alive until the Lord can get to them. As long as we still have breath, there is hope!

We all struggle with something, but some already have others to help them through. Sometimes the pain is so deep and misunderstood, the person feels that there is no hope and no one that can help or understand. They close themselves off, not wanting anymore pain, like from a judgmental word. A spirit of suicide comes along with its venomous poison/hooks/thoughts, a bit of demonic power, and they succumb. It’s over. I’ve delivered folks from demons. They are powerful, but Jesus is greater.

Our society sees suicide as weakness and shame, so even the victims that are left behind are dealing with guilt and shame and not going through a necessary and beneficial process of grieving. Grieving is necessary in order to remain healthy. Sometimes, one suicide causes many others. Others often judge those left behind for not being there or doing things right, raising their family correctly. Suicide knows no borders, wealth, culture, etc. It devastates all it touches.

My friends, there are over 200 pharma drugs with side effects of depression and suicide, including anti-depressants. Look at the warning labels before taking drugs. Some chemicals added to our foods do the same thing. Why do we allow this? We The People!

We are in a battle for life and freedom. Everyone is on the battlefield everyday. Some are overwhelmed and weakened. Can we reach out and just ask them, “Hey, are you okay?” And, then be there to help or at least call them later, meet with them later, or send them to someone who can help. It makes a difference and can save a life. As we sow to help others, I believe the Lord sends help to our loved ones, no matter where they are to help as well.

We are going to have this WALL OF HONOR at all of our events for anyone in the community to add a name(s) of loved ones GONE TOO SOON. We will pray for them if they want. There is a time for beneficial GRIEVING in order to heal, not short circuited! A time to GET UP again! A Time to LIVE again!

Will you join me in this project? We can change our world if we stand up and help!