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Check out Our New Promo Video of Our First FAMILY FUN DAYS™ Event in Conroe, TX at the Enclave at Woodland Lakes!
It is a small scaled version of the one we are planning for The Woodlands, Texas in 2024!



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If you find yourself in a dangerous place and need immediate help, please call someone, and if there isn’t anyone, please call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 988.

We are on a mission to make sure everyone knows the 988 number. Children die by suicide, too! If every child and person memorizes it and gets caught in a situation with someone wanting to go that route, they can call 988 and turn the speaker on, OR if long distance, put it on conference call and Emergency Services can be Dispatched Immediately to the location saving lives. We can save so many lives just by doing this! Help us BREAK THE STIGMA and START TALKING TO FOLKS! Join us in the Fight!