As requested by many, we are listing some of our needs for GCU Events to let our supporters know what some of the funds are going towards. By listing some of these needs, we are hoping to get new and used items to help make the most of and stretch the funds we get. New is definitely best, but sometimes folks have things laying around or in storage that they no longer use and these are just as good. Some who have been on tour have stage equipment they no longer need as well. Recycling can greatly help and we truly appreciate all the help we can get. Some churches upgrade to new equipment and we might be able to use some of the older items.

Sound, Music, & Stage Equipment

While we have some Sound, Music, & Stage Equipment, we’ll be needing more for medium venues and larger. We’ve traveled for years doing smaller venues across the country, but we need some replacements and upgrades going forward. Due to some unforeseen circumstances and also during the Covid era, we lost both our truck and tour trailer while we were on the road. Some needs are canopies, tent, small stage, etc. We’ll be adding a more detailed list soon.


There is a need for several laptops, desktop computers, a projector, and screen. I am still doing websites, video and audio production on my 11 year old HP laptop with my Adobe programs, but the newer updates are starting to show the age as I can’t do everything I need to do anymore.

There is a need for at least Four 50″ TVs/Monitors, Projectors and portable stands to use at the events. We’ll do our advertising on these for our Sponsors, show videos of critical information to the audience, and where necessary, show videos from our featured organizations concerning human trafficking, suicide prevention, etc.


6 X 12 X 6 Trailer (Dual Axle or Larger) – We’ve traveled so much across the country in the last 12 years in our own vehicle pulling a trailer, mostly u-hauls. Right now, we own a 2009 GMC Yukon. We need a trailer to do the shorter, daily trips closer to the Houston area to transport the equipment needed for the small scaled FAMILY FUN DAYS™ Events.

Tour Coach – At some point, we will need a 45′ Tour Coach/Motorhome to live in and do the necessary travel, Prevost, MCI, Van Hool, etc. Hotels get expensive and eat up a lot of extra time. These coaches have lots of storage space in the undercarriage for personal and stage equipment. We also have an 18 kw generator that can help for some smaller outdoor events. The coach can also pull our Yukon behind it, or another vehicle for times when we need it for errands.

I used to work for a company in Texas that converted these buses into tour coaches and motorhomes. We did a pair for the Dallas Cowboys. I am very familiar with them as I did all the electrical, ac, generator, plumbing, audio, video, and bays. Some of the older coaches still have lots of miles left on them, are cheaper than, and are much more reliable than some of the other A Class motorhomes out there. The tour coach also has the extra storage space, whereas a vehicle can be towed behind rather than another trailer. Perhaps someone has one that can be rented or loaned on occasion in the beginning.

Originally, we bought a 54′ GMC 35′ Coach that we started converting when Daniel was only 2. It was a great idea until we had to live in it while we were still converting it and had to abandon the idea…lol. Something already finished would work just fine!


Other needs we have, that can be contracted or from volunteers are: Administration, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Merchandising, Event Planners, Transportation, Roadies, Sound Techs, Light Techs, Musicians, Legal Advice, and all things to make these events a success.

Having a place to live here in The Woodlands/Conroe area would be great, and right now all of our things are in storage and we live in a small 400 sq.ft. hotel room, the 3 of us. We’ve spent $1000’s of our own funds over our 29 year marriage, traveling around the country to help folks as the Lord told us where to go and some by invitation, helping many. The outreach has now gotten larger than what we can do by ourselves. So, if you can and are willing to help, that would be greatly appreciated.




Thank you and blessings to you.

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